At Colourworx we are committed to doing our part for a more sustainable environment.

We all know that any print process can have negative effects on our environment, but printed material is an essential part of the communications process for most businesses. Fortunately there are many things that we all can do to minimise the impact printing has on the environment.

It is a common misconception that printing on recycled materials alone means you’ve done all you can for the environment. In fact all manufacturing process should be considered. Colourworx takes pride in being an environmentally responsible digital dye sublimation printing company.  We use many techniques and initiatives to ensure we are not impacting on the environmentally negatively.

Digital Dye Sublimation; print fabrics, films, vinyl tiles and metals using environmentally friendly inks HP Designjet; posters, films and fabrics using environmentally friendly inks (new machine commissioned September 2009) with complimentary substrates such as xanita board, untreated plywood and recyclable glass.

  • We recycle all of our paper and card
  • Utilise all of our off-cuts to minimise waste and improve productivity
  • Wrap our parcels in recycled bubble-wrap and corrugated card
  • Assess all inwards packaging received and recycle or reuse it
  • Decommissioning 3 of our 4 solvent printers (September 2009)

Milford Sound

New Zealand – too beautiful not to protect.